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GPS Tracking Software

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Connect any GPS tracker or Mobile & Start tracking it online

GPS Tracking Systems

Now days, GPS Tracking Systems are playing a vital role in our life to keep safe our precious things. We are providing the tracking devices as according to the vehicle/material you want to secure. These tracking devices are operating on GPS which can locate your device status on web server and on the mobile application by sending the information.

Along with the manufacturing of the GPS trackers, we are also having a dedicated team for developing the software for GPS trackers. Our GPS tracking software supports almost all the gps trackers used worldwide.

Our software is compatible to all mobile devices and PC as well.


  Real Time Location
  Overall Distance travelled
  Ignition Alerts
  Remotely Engine Cut-Off
  AC Running Hours
  Door Open /Close Alerts
  Event Notifications
  Theft Alert
  Track any type of vehicle
  Fuel Level Detection

Fleet Management
School /College/ University Transport Management
Public Transport Management
Car & Bike Tracking
Employee Tracking
Retailers & E-Commerce
Government Agencies

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